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IS THIS SITE SECURE? YES. Click here to find out about Paypal security. DO YOU HAVE A MINIMUM ORDER REQUIREMENT? Absolutely not. All spending, is of course, encouraged. This does not apply to wholesale orders. Actually, the spending part does - the minimum, not so much! HOW CAN I TRACK THE STATUS OF MY ORDER? You may email us for a status update. If for any reason you have not received your package in the expected timeframe, contact us for detailed tracking information. We ship on Mondays by 3pm (except holidays). Please allow 10 working days + delivery time. CAN I ORDER OR BUY OFFLINE? YES. Either check Events page for trunk shows and resellers, OR contact DumbClothing for more information. DO YOU HAVE ANY OTHER FABULOUS GOODIES FOR SALE THAT AREN'T ON YOUR SITE? So many it is ridiculous!! We would love to show everything but it is changing daily. If there is a style, size or color you are looking for, that is not shown on the site, please contact us to make an enquiry. WHY CAN I NOT FIND AN ITEM THAT I PREVIOUSLY ORDERED? Most products are one of a kind. Once they are sold, with the exception of some regular line items, they will not be reproduced. DO YOU SHIP OUTSIDE OF THE UNITED STATES? International shipping will be available shortly. Any enquiries are welcomed. The product prices include only US postage. As postal rates vary so much for each country, we cannot offer a flat rate. Overseas shipping rates can be $20- $50 and up depending on the weight of the package. You will be informed of the shipping cost via email. We will not process the transaction until we have your approval of the charges. Please allow up to 3 weeks for international orders. Shipping outside the USA may be subject to charges, duties, tariffs or taxes which are the full responsibility of the customer. WHAT IS YOUR RETURN POLICY? We want you to be jumping up and down and ecstatic (maybe a bit O.T.T. but true!) when receiving your Dumb Clothing We also understand that ordering online leaves a little to the imagination. Please read the sizing and ‘how to measure’, page to ensure a perfect DUMB fit. If you receive an order that you are not satisfied with, please contact us within 7 days of receipt of the order and let us know your preference of exchange or store credit. Check the TERMS and CONDITIONS page for more detailed information. WOULD YOU BE INTERESTED IN SHOWING/SELLING MY DESIGNS? We will be looking for new designers to cross-link (and carry products) with in the future. If you have an existing online boutique/ website and are interested, please contact us for more information.

Why can't I find an item that I previously ordered?

Most products are one of a kind. Once they are sold, with the exception of some regular line items, they will not be reproduced.

Do you have other products available that are not listed on the website?

So many it is ridiculous!! We'd love to show everything but it changes on a daily basis. If there is a style, size or color you are looking for, (that is not shown on the site), please consider contacting us with a custom order.

How do I place a wholesale order with m60design?

Please contact paula@m60design for more information.

How do you size your clothing?

What you'll need. A tape measure and a full length mirror if doing it alone. For best results take body measurements undressed or in lightweight clothing. Keep the tape measure snug, but not tight. Stand up straight. You can also take out your favorite item of clothing and measure each area to know you are getting a product exactly the way you like it How to take Measurements BUST/CHEST Start by measuring around the fullest part of the chest/ bust. Women: measure with your bra on if you wear one. Men: measure around fullest part of chest and shoulder blades. WAIST Measure at the narrowest point of the waist. Be relaxed and do not hold in your stomach. Men: measure where you usually wear the waist of your pants. HIPS Measure at the widest part of the hips. Sit it comfortably, not too tight. These measurements need to have a little ease in them to provide a good fit in your clothing. FINISHED SHIRT/DRESS LENGTH Measure from your throat/adams apple area down to the finished length of the shirt, tunic or dress. (for men this would be your shirt). SLEEVE LENGTH This measurement should be taken from the edge of the shoulder where the sleeve meets the armhole. Go straight down the outer arm to where you would like the sleeve to end. I usually recommend mid-thumb for a good looking length. SKIRT LENGTH Measure from your belly button to desired length. INSEAM Measure from the inside of the crotch area and down to desired length. Be sure to include heels, platforms or shoe height to prevent pants from being too short. Even sneakers add an extra inch.
Please refer to the 'how to' measure. Although measuring plastic dolls posed minor challenges, here are some rough guidelines. You can also find very useful videos on www.youtube.com of how to accurately take measurements. Most products have stretch in them, so you can expect another 1-2 inches in each piece comfortably, if need be.
. Check the photos below.

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