I've been designing and sewing from my early teens.  I use the term 'designing' loosely when I think back to some of the clothing I created.  It's enough to make a girl shudder.  A particular favourite was a blue and white seersucker jacket with matching trousers (from an old duvet cover) - together with yellow stilettos. Come was the 80's.


 M60DESIGN is a nod to the cyclical nature of our lives.  This Manchester girl returns home to bring her designs to life.

These days you'll find me researching and creating costumes for film/tv and exhibiting my work at local Artist & Designer Fairs, Independent Shops and Trade Shows.


I've created a rather eclectic line of clothing and accessories that range from Almost Civilized to Outright Quirky.


It's all about being yourself and expressing it through the pieces you wear.

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